Social Outreach

Charity Project

Dr. Ambedkar College Nagpur identifies 10 different Institutions in the city that need societal involvement in the form of charity. The teaching and non-teaching staff of the college in 10 different groups visit this pre-identified institutions and distribute food grains on Wednesday April 26, 2017

DACN... Reaching out to the Society

DACN is committed to moulding the young students into complete human beings. Hence we walk the extra mile to sensitize them to the needs of the society, for, we must repay the society not just in terms of money but also in time, thoughts and deeds.The College has a Staff Council that makes generous donations and undertakes social service projects to help the underprivileged

DACN celebrates the 26th of January every year . Children from different orphanages, schools for the physically handicapped, for the visually challenged, and from the deaf and dumb school are invited and various programmes, competitions and games are organized for them at the nitiative of the students and teachers of the college. Donations are also made by the college to these and other institutions

DACN has adopted a village, Vagadara, Hingna. Here we conduct Medical and Eye check up, Community welfare and legal aid programmes. The NSS unit of the college also lends its hands along with the host of students to organize these programmes The college has also ntroduced a new cell called "Social Outreach Cell" which is involved in spreading awareness and knowledge about domestic violence, gender justice etc.

Come! Join our hands in these noble ventures and together we can change the world!