Principal Desk

Dr Mrs B. A. Mehere

Young friends
Welcome to this vibrant family called DACN. Dr. Ambedkar College, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur is awaiting to welcome you on its campus. An educational institution is not just a building with four walls. Rather it s known by ts unshaken and uncompromising commitment in shaping the futures of its students. t is known, not just by the professional elegance it imbibes in them but also by their holistic development that makes them fit to journey on the highly competitive and rough roads of life. DACN has, in more than 52 years of its existence now, kept pace with these insatiable demands of the changing times in moulding young men and women with both, competence and character. The institution's unrivalled place on the map of recognition was no accident. Rather it was the result of a meticulous design for excellence that was first envisioned and then executed and achieved. Today I welcome your decision to be a part of this illustrious family. What the young generation needs today is the right environs that can help you nurture and achieve your dreams. Whether it is academic excellence, fitness on the sport fields, inculcation of soft skills or making you market-ready graduates - we aspire to give you all these and much more. Education at DACN is a very enriching experience since the expert teaching faculty will not stop at imparting classroom lectures but will trigger your intellectual curiosity. Exposure to practical applications further enhances the understanding and opens the doors of your minds to new horizons of knowledge. DACN believes not just in passing knowledge from the text books to the students but rather in igniting your inquisitiveness.Added to this, the institution's commitment to discipline will ensure that your talents and energies are never allowed to move in the wrong direction. Also, an inclusive model of education that we stand for, unknowingly moulds the young minds into socially sensitive individuals, who are the chief vehicles of change for giving a new face to this nation tomorrow. Young friends, I await to see you become the proud members of this great family. We will leave no stone unturned to nurture the talent in you, to give strength to your wings, to instil that desired confidence you so that one day, you leave this nest to take that big flight to the higher altitudes, embracing the skies and kissing new horizons of success and achievement!