Project Details

Sr. No. Project Title Agency Total Grant Received Status PI Department No
Project Year : 2015
1 Study of silicon multilayer ferrite and cuprus based highly efficient solar cell UGC-DAE 90000 Ongoimg Dr K G Rewatkar Physics 4
2 Truss Network Morphometric Studies of Diverse Fishes in water-bodies surrounding Nagpur UGC-MRP 375000 Ongoing Dr DVNS Suresh Zoology 1
Project Year : 2014
3 Investigating the role of antioxidants, free radicals and mitochondrial DNA in type 2 diabetes mellitus in Nagpur area population UGC-MRP 330000 Ongoing Mr U J Dongare Biochemisrty 1
4 Phytochemical and Biological Screening of Byttneria herbacea Roxb UGC-MRP 340000 Ongoing Mr S R Somkuwar Botany 1
Project Year : 2011
5 Enhancement in non linearity of single crystal of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate by doping with amino acids UGC 716800 Completed Dr K G Rewatkar Physics
6 Nagpur Jilhyatil Mathadi Ani Asanrakshit Kamgar Mandalache Yogdan Ongoing Dr V V Panbude Commerce 0
Project Year : 2010
7 Regeneration of used transformer oil by using different chemical techniques. UGC-MRP 90000 Ongoing Dr V M Shivankar Chemistry 1
Project Year : 2009
8 In vitro study of quorum sensing and immunomodulatory activities of subtilin and nisin UGC-MRP Completed Dr D N Begade Biochemistry 1
9 New bond constructions via metathesis with (1) Unprecedented unique substrate, (2) Novel intermolecular (3+2 ) cycloaddition reaction UGC 708300 Completed Dr D Panhekar Chemistry 1
Project Year : 2008
10 Neopterin: Biomarker of Cell mediated Immunity and potent usage as biomarker in Silicosis UGC 830000 Completed Ms B A Mehere Biochem 1
Project Year : 2007
11 Electric, Magnetic and X-ray spectroscopic characterization of ternary ion doped calcium magnetite UGC-MRP Completed Dr K G Rewatkar Physics
Project Year : 2000
12 Magnetic and acoustic characterization in magnetic ceramic UGC-MRP Completed Dr K G Rewatkar Physics
Project Year :
13 A Study of Consumer Welfare, Consumer Protection & Role of Grahak Panchayat with special reference to Nagpur city UGC-MRP 30000 Completed Dr P M Siriya Commerce 0
14 Designing a triggering circuit for three phase bridge converter 55000 Ongoing Dr N V Shivarkar Electronics 1
15 Development of a microprocessor based programme system 35000 Mr V S Pawar Electronics 2
16 Effect of aquatic pollutants at chromosomal and nuclear damages of cyprinidae fish, Gara mullya (Skyes). UGC-MRP 60000 Ongoing Dr R S Bagade Zoology 1
17 Minor Resdeaech UGC-MRP Completed DR P V Chopade English 1
18 Minor Resdeaech UGC-MRP Ms P Singh English 1
19 Minor Resdeaech UGC-MRP Completed Dr G K Kanble Economics 1
20 Minor Resdeaech UGC-MRP Completed Dr A D Fulzele History 1
21 Need of Social Marketing in Blood Banking Services Dr V M Chofade Commerce 1
22 Samrat Ashokache Shilalakehatun Pratibimbit Honare Dhammakarya UGC-MRP Dr M Wankhede Pali 1
23 Synthesis of rare earth activated phosphate based phosphors for lamp industry UGC_MRP Completed Dr S M Naranje Physics
24 Synthesis, Characterization and Luminescence in some phosphate compounds UGC-MRP Completed Dr S M Naranje Physics 2
25 To study the properties of ferroelectric crystals 27500 Ongoing Mr V S Pawar Electronics