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Legal Studies

The Department of law has been consistently producing univerity toppers,rank holder and gold medalist.we are proud of our young students

DACN .The Best Destination for Legal Studies

The Department of Law of DACN is a pride of the College. It is that temple of learning, where seamless education and uncompromising professionalism are the order of the day. An institution where quality and excellence are absolutely non-negotiable, it is not surprising that DACN is reputed today for producing the best of litigating lawyers

Department of Law - Where zealous faculty members confluence with the finest of modern infrastructure

Resting on the bedrock of the finest infrastructure and visionary faculty members, the Department of Law, DACN is a name to reckon with. It is equipped with the highest number of full time faculties, who are the academic pillars of the Department. The Department ishoused in a separate, state-of-the-art building. A campus that is wi-fienabled, it has the unique features of spacious classrooms with LCD Projectors. t boasts of a rich library with a wide range and collectionof books, journals, commentaries and e-journals. A special attractionof the library is that it has one (out of the five) original copies of theConstitution of India. A reading room, Moot Court Hall, and an exclusive Computer lab with an on line access to the AIR Web World -all these unique features make DACN the best destination for those aspiring to wear the coveted black coat. A separate canteen of the Law Department offers a range of mouth watering snacks with compelete consciousness of food quality standard

A hub of Activities

The Department of Law is a. hub for wide ranging and innovative activities like debates,elocutions, quiz competitions, panel discussions, word games, law treasure hunt and many more ....

Moot Courts

Law in theory and law in practice are streets apart. Hence to bridge this gap, moot courts are regularly organized which train the students into the art of drafting, argumentation, court mannerisms and all those things that go n to make refined lawyers. Moot Courts are thus the laboratories of law. A Student's Moot Court Association is also formed every year.


At dacn , we ensure that study of law is not the study of a dull conglomeration of section and article in law books. Infact , at the department of law , the students and teachers in a unique collaboration,makes the teaching learning process an enjoyable journey! Teacher in the department adopt both the traditional and modern teaching methods .They include audio-visual presentations , video recorded lectures of reputed jurist in the world, display of movies for education purposes etc.Additional, there is a focused emphasis on class semimars , students presentation and works

Visits to Courts and other institutions

The students are taken on visits to courts, police stations, forensic laboratories, central jail and such other institutions of practical importance for aw students.Also, there is an educational tour of the students to New Delhi where the studentsare taken to the Supreme Court, Parliament, ndian Society of International Law,National Human Rights Commission etc

Skill Enhancement Training Programme (SETP)

This is a comprehensive programme to inculcate professional skills amongst thestudents. With anguage proficiency and personality development as the key targets of this programme, we aspire to create a generation of professionally trained and socially sensitive citizens. This proficiency n soft skills resulting in the overall shaping of their personalities will be provided to the students at nominal fees in 2 modules.

Legal Aid Services

The College aspires to create social engineers who are sensitive to the insatiable needs of the world's most populous democracy. Towards this end the department runs a Legal Aid Center which provides free legal aid services and counseling to the poor. The Department also organizes legal aid camps at nearby villages. Another socially sensitive initiative of the Department is to organize a legal aid cell and camp at Deekshabhoomi for the pilgrims who come n large numbers from all over India during Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din. The students and teachers actively take part in the social cause of mparting basic egal education and legal awareness amongst the poor. Many of the legal aid activities of the Department are conducted in collaboration with the District Legal Aid Services Authority

Law Vision A Mega Law Festival

Law Vision is a mega Law Festival that the Department hosts at the National evel every year. The festival is a fine amalgamation of academic competitions, cultural events and sports. Over the years, Law Vision has emerged as the most successfulevent which students all across India eagerly await. This event not only provides a platform for the students to exhibit their academic and cultural talent, but alsofurnishes them an opportunity to interact with students from different aw colleges in different parts of the country and also with erudite egal personalities. The Department of Law has been consistently producing University toppers,rank holders and gold medalists. We are proud of our young achievers!.