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Hrd Cell Actvities

 25 th April, 2016 to 29 th April, 2016

  • 1. "Increase your CQ (Curiosity Quotient) for greater success" by Mr. Prakash Shesh.
  • 2.“Open Educational Research” by Dr. Mangala Hirwade.
  • 3.“Nutrition for Health” by Ms. Kavita Baxi & Ms. Reeta Bhargav.
  • 4.“Employer’s Expectation from Employees” by Mr. Rajan Thaokar.
  • 5.Co-relates & Control Strategies of White Collar Productivity” by Dr. G. F. Surya

 20th April, 2015 to 25th April, 2015

  • 1.“Sense of Life” by Dr. Shiny Clib.
  • 2.“Transactional Analysis” by Dr. Sarita Modak.
  • 3.“Team Building” by Dr. Unnati Pande Datar.
  • 4.“Mental Health and Well Being” by Dr. Sushil Gawande.
  • 5.“Cultivating Positivity at Workplace” by Dr. Satish Kadam

 22th April, 2015 to 25th April, 2015

  • 1."Sense of Life" by Dr. Shiny Chib
  • 2. “Transactional Analysis” by Dr. Sarita Modak
  • 3. “Team Building” by Dr. Unnati Pande Datar
  • 4. “Mental Health & Well Being” by Dr. Sushil Gawande
  • 5. “Cultivating Positivity at the Workplace” by Dr. Satish Kadam
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 3rd March, 2014 to 7th March,2014

  • 1.“The Digital Age: Origins, Impact & Future” by Mr. Prashant Joshi.
  • 2. “Employees Management” by Mr. Lalit Khulkar.
  • 3. “Diabetes and Obesity” by Dr. Shailesh Pitale.
  • 4. “Impression Management” by Dr. Mrs. Aaliyah Siddiqui.
  • 5. “Work Life Balance” by Ms. Rashmi Bansal.

 18 th March, 2013 to 22 nd March, 2013

  • 1.“Effective Listening” by Dr. Milind Fadnavis.
  • 2. “Skills for Professional Excellence by Dr. Sujit Metre.
  • 3. “Career Management-Andross stages and Exit” by Dr. Medha Dixit.
  • 4. “Encashing Opportunities” by Dr. Atul Shringarpure.
  • 5. “How to prevent Heart Attack” by Dr. Prashant Jagtap.

 18th April, 2012 to 26th April, 2012

  • 1.“Fitness at work and health” by Dr. Prabhakar Deshmukh.
  • 2.“Challenges in competency development” by Dr. Ashutosh Paturkar.
  • 3.“Attitude at the work place” by Dr. Mrs. Neeta Shah.
  • 4. “Role of a teacher in a changing scenario” by Dr. S. D. Bhave.
  • 5. “New Attitudes New Directions” by Mrs. Prafullata S. Rode.
  • 6. “Personality Development through awareness” by Dr. Mr. Abhiram Dabir.
7. “Teaching as a Profession” by Dr. Surendra Gole.

 4th June, 2011 to 11th June, 2011

  • 1.“Motivating Teachers, Motivating Students” by Dr. Amol Pawad &Dr. Krishna Dixit
  • 2.“Being a Learning Organisation by Dr. Smita Dabholkar.
  • 3.“Teacher as a Counsellor” by Prof. Avish Petras.
  • 4.“Teacher as a Communicator” by Dr. Suresh Chari.
  • 5.“The use of Psycho-metric tools for Developing Teaching Techniques” by Mr. Milind Apte.
  • 6.“Positive Attitude” by Dr. Yugal Rayalu.
  • 7.“Innovative Techniques” by Dr. Shrikant Sampat.