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Free legal aid


The “Legal Aid Clinic” was established by the Department of Law in the year 2000 with an objective to provide legal aid and legal awareness to needy and poor sections of the society. The Legal Aid Clinic at the Department of Law promotes justice by providing free legal aid and creates an effective mechanism for making justice accessible to the poor, downtrodden and disadvantaged. One of the distinctive features of Legal Aid Clinic is the organisation of, “Free Legal Aid and Literacy Programme.” It was started in the year 2005. Every year on the occasion of Dhammachakra Pravartan Din, the Department of Law organises Free Legal Aid and Literacy Programme through the Legal Aid Clinic. Legal aid clinic constitutes a panel consisting of Law Teachers, Lawyers and Law Students. This panel offers free legal advice to the indigent people who come to the clinic with their problems. Free legal Aid camp is another important activity conducted by Legal Aid Clinic which inducts students every year to use their knowledge of law to provide free legal aid and advice. There is an active participation of all the members, alumni, legal practitioners, faculties of law and students in this activity. Legal Aid Clinic organizes various activities wherein students of Department of law participate in LokAdalat, Mediation program in association with District Legal Services Authority and assist in legal empowerment of marginalized sections to make them aware about the social obligations and social responsibilities. The Legal Aid clinic engages students in spreading legal awareness through street plays, competitions, quizzes and seminars, etc. The Legal Aid Clinic imbibes a sense of social responsibility and encourages the students to contribute to the society.




 Student Members of Legal Aid Cell

1. Arefa Sheikh 5. Aditya Rathod 9. Ritika Rao 13. Akansha Dubey 17. Vedant Vyawahare
2. Abhay Panbude 6. Pratik Lohambare 10. Vishakha Chinchghare 14. Rishu Singh 18. Sonia Sriniwasan
3. Abhishek Mandape 7. Vinay Joshi 11. Rohan Pillai 15. Siddhi Deshpande 19. Akshata Samdale
4. Abhishek Zade 8. Sakshi Tiwari 12. Rehana Dhawade 16. Prachi Rajput 20. Ananya Tulankar

 Cell Actvities