Param Poojya Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti's

Dr. Ambedkar College

Deeksha Bhoomi, Nagpur


: 0712-3298042, 0712-2022457

College Faculties

Sr No Name Subject Designation Email ID
1 Dr Mr P C Pawar English Principal
2 Dr Mrs S M Naranje Physics Asso Prof
3 Dr Mr V M Chopde Commerce Asso Prof
4 Mr R V Patil Statistics Asso Prof
5 Dr Mrs L S Bhagat Physics Asso Prof
6 Ms A M Badar Statistics Asso Prof
7 Dr Mrs P V Chopde English Asso Prof
8 Dr Mrs P M Siriya Commerce Asso Prof
9 Mr V S Pawar Electronics Asso Prof
10 Dr Mr N V Shiwarkar Electronics Asso Prof
11 Mrs B A Mehre Bio-Chemistry Asso Prof
12 Dr Mr G K Kamble Economics Asso Prof
13 Mr R S Bagade Zoology Asso Prof
14 Dr Mr K G Rewatkar Physics Asso Prof
15 Dr Mr V M Shivankar Chemistry Asso Prof
16 Ms S M Pawar Mathematics Asso Prof
17 Dr Mr A D Fulzele History Asso Prof
18 Dr Mr S J Bahadure English Asstt Prof
19 Mr D A Khobragade Marathi Asstt Prof
20 Dr Mrs D Y Panhekar Chemistry Asstt Prof
21 Dr Mrs H V Menon Law Asstt Prof
22 Dr Mr T K Ravindra Rao Commerce Asstt Prof
23 Dr Mr M D Wankhade Pali Prakrit Asstt Prof
24 Dr Mr N M Khirale Law Asstt Prof
25 Dr Mrs A N Wazalwar Physics Asstt Prof
26 Dr Mrs V V Deshpande Law Asstt Prof
27 Dr Mrs S P Kalamdhad Law Asstt Prof
28 Mr N G Telkapalliwar Chemistry Asstt Prof
29 Ms P C Singh English Asstt Prof
30 Dr Ms P R Lokhande Law Asstt Prof
31 Dr Mrs D M Borikar Chemistry Asstt Prof
32 Dr Ms A A Meshram Zoology Asstt Prof
33 Mr S R Somkuwar Botany Asstt Prof
34 Mrs V V Panbude Commerce Asstt Prof varshapanbude@yahoo in
35 Dr Mr D Suresh Zoology Asstt Prof
36 Dr Mr N S Meshram Physics Asstt Prof
37 Dr Ms D H Puttewar Commerce Asstt Prof
38 Ms V B Chourpagar Commerce Asstt Prof
39 Mr U J Dongre Bio-Chemistry Asstt Prof utpaldongre@yahoo co in
40 Dr Mr D N Begde Bio-Chemistry Asstt Prof
41 Mr J J Tripathi Mathematics Asstt Prof
42 Mr R S Lokhande Library Librarian
43 Dr Mr A P Joshi Physical Education Phy Dir
44 Dr Mrs P A Bhelwa Physical Education Phy Dir
45 Dr Mr D S Borkar Physical Education Phy Dir

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