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Statistics Departmental Activites


The birth day of Dr. P. C. Mahalanobis which has been declared as National Statistics Day by Government of India was celebrated in Department of Statistics on 29th June, 2016. Principal of our college Dr. P. C. Pawar, was chief guest of the function which was largely attended by students. Chief Guest lighted the traditional lamp to mark the beginning of the function. The guest also garlanded the portrait of Dr. P. C. Mahalanobis.Prof. R. V. Patil highlighted the contribution made by Dr. P. C. Mahalanobis in agriculture making our country self sufficient in food grains production with the help of Statistics. He also shared with students and guest, how Dr. Mahalanobis was instrumental in starting the prestigious organization ‘ The Indian Statistical Institute’. An essay competition was organized as a part of National Statistics Day celebration. The topic of essay was ‘Life History of Indian Stastistician”. A documentary on the life of Dr. Mahalanobis and the growth of Indian Statistical Science, jointly produced by Indian Statistical Institute and Vigyan Prasar Presentation, titled ‘THE TAMING OF CHANCE’ was played to the student community.Ms.Anjali Badar proposed vote of thanks. The function was well organized by Prof. Ms. A. M Badar

 Welcome Address and Orientation for Fresher’s. (12th September, 2016)

The Department of Statistics organized a welcome function for B.Sc.-I students on 12th September, 2016. The activity was intended to motivate, encourage and energize the students for their academic and extracurricular endeavors in the department. The activity also aimed at improving the awareness of students regarding scopes and career opportunities the subject Statistics has to offer.
During first phase, Prof. R. V. Patil gave a brief introduction of the department and its participation in various statistical activities organized by the Statistical Society of Dr. Ambedkar College during this session. Some information was imparted to the students about extracurricular activities organized in the college.
The second phase of the program was centered on academic and career scope of the subject. The students were informed about the options available for higher education in the field of Statistics. Some information about institutions of national and international repute offering such higher studies was given. The job opportunities both in the private as well as public sectors were discussed with the students. The option of self-employment was also highlighted. Through this phase the students were reassured about their decision of selecting statistics as one of the subjects.

 Aptitude Test (29nd August, 2016)

A general Aptitude Test was conducted for B.Sc.-I students on 29th August, 2016 to assess the level of awareness about Statistics and Mathematics among the B.Sc.-I students. The test was conducted without giving any prior intimation. The maximum number of marks for the test were 20 and the time allotted was 45 minutes.

 Interdisciplinary Certificate Course in ‘Use of MS EXCEL Software

(8th Sept. to 14th September, 2016)
A seven day certificate course was organized jointly by Department of Statistics and Department of Computer Science on ‘MS EXCEL software’ for the undergraduate students of science stream. In all 89 students were selected for this certificate course. This course was engaged by Dr. Pankaj Nimbalkar and Dr. Avinash Hedaoo. This course was organized taking in to consideratio large scale use of this software in almost all fields. The students were particularly given practice of handling mathematical and statistical functions.

 INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning (23rd September, 2016

Industrial visit was organized for B.Sc. II & III year students of Statistics department to National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning an important organization working under Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Thirty students were selected for this industrial visit. The students were received by a team of senior scientists Dr. Nagraju, Dr. Tiwari and Dr. Patil. These senior scientists shared their vast experience of applications of statistical methods in different fields. They convinced students about the utility of statistical tools with the help of numerous examples. One such example shared by Senior Scientist Dr. Patil was, how India could overcome the problem of edible oil in late nineties.

 GUEST LECTURE (17th September, 2016)

Dr. Dhananjay Raje, Head, Data Analysis Group, Bio-Analytics Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, was invited to deliver a guest lecture on applications of statistics. The guest lecture was jointly organized by Department of Statistics and Department of Biochemistry. Dr Raje addressed all the students of both the departments simultaneously. Dr. Raje highlighted the importance of collecting, compiling and organizing data for valid inference. The basic concepts in Statistics were shared with students keeping in view that bio-chemistry students did not have any background of Statistics. He asserted that, irrespective of field of work all individuals need to use and apply statistics in their work. Large part of his talk was based on applications of Statistics in clinical trials. He suggested students to pursue career in data analytics to become data scientist since there is a large demand for such jobs in multinationals. He concluded his talk by saying that knowledge of statistics is indispensable for working in any field of research. The program was compeered by Asso.Prof.A.M.Badar and vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Akshay Chorgade, a student of B.Sc.final year.

 Seminars of the Students (5th November, 2015)

Seminars were organized for the students of B.Sc. I and II. For this the students were allocated a certain part of the syllabus as the topic, given the books for reference and a few tips. The students presented their topics with the help of the transparencies. This helped the students to understand the topic in a better way. This also gave them an opportunity to face the audience, which most of the students did for the first time. This will definitely help them in their future career. It was found at the time of the test based on these topics that the students could write better answers to the questions based on these topics.

 Interactive Session of present students with past student.(10th April,2016)

An interactive session of students of Department of Statistics with ISS cadre officers was organized to motivate and inspire the students. Mr. Ashish Saxena Asst. Director, Field Operations Division of National Sample Survey Organisation, Nagpur and Mr. Manojkumar Saini Asst. Mineral Economist, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur were invited guests. Both the speakers talked at length to inform students about job opportunities available to Graduates and Post Graduates in various sectors such as Banking, Industry, Health, Agriculture, Insurance, Transport etc. They also informed students about the prospects in state and central government services. They shared with students the nature of work and facilities made available by central government to ISS cadre officers. They shared information about how to prepare for various competitive examinations including ISS exams conducted by UPSC and the examination pattern, syllabus, difficulty value of questions asked.

 STAT-FEST (31st March, 1st April, 2017)

The Statistical Society organized a STAT-FEST on 31st March & 1st April, 2017. The objective behind organizing such activity is that the students must experience fun-filled learning while making preparations for such activities and enrich their knowledge of the subject in addition to other aspects such as personality development. Communication skills, overcoming stage-fear, inculcating spirit of team-work etc.

 Problem Solving Competition-STATABILITY (31st March 2017)

To improve the numerical and conceptual statistical aptitude of the students a problem solving competition “Statability” was conducted on 31st March, 2017. This competition was held on a class wise basis separately for B.Sc.I, II and III year. The response to the Statability was very good as most of the students took part in the competition with exception of very few. After the conclusion of the competition the papers were discussed in each class separately with appropriate explanations and instructions to the students so as to improve their numerical and conceptual statistical aptitude. The students with top marks were chosen as winners and were felicitated at the prize distribution function of the Department. Following is the list of winners for STATABILITY, STAT-FEST 2016-17

 Poster Competition (31st March 2017)

Students of Department of Statistics participated with full enthusiasm in Poster Competition organized on 31st March, 2017. The highlights of the Poster Exhibition were various posters prepared by the students to represent statistical data in everyday life using different diagrams studied in their syllabus like simple bar diagram, multiple bar diagram, subdivided bar diagram, pie diagram etc. etc. The judges for evaluating the posters were Prof (Mr) R.S.Bagde and Prof (Mr) Navin a faculty from Nabira Mahavidyalaya Katol. The judges gave patient hearing to the poster presentation given by the students and applauded their efforts. They also gave useful suggestions to the students. The poster exhibition was enjoyed and appreciated by the students of other departments also.

 Project Presentation Competition (1st April, 2017)

All of us are aware of the fact that there is vast difference between studying theory and implementing theory in practice. However both of them play an important role in our life. Every branch of science is based on certain fundamental facts which hold good in various situations in our life. Statistics is one such branch of science in which theoretical aspects learnt in the classroom are to be applied in real life situations. This year we had project presentation competition as a part of STAT-FEST. The following projects were presented by the students of B.Sc.I and II.
1) Role of Statistics in Estimating Number of Words in Dictionary:-
2) Study of Willingness shown by Two Wheeler Riders for Wearing Helmets:-
3) Determination of Gender Bias in Recruitment of Teaching Staff in Dr.Ambedkar College:-
4) Effectiveness of Semester Pattern at Graduation Level in Education:-
5) Project on Youth Idol:-

 Statistical Quiz. STATIVATION (1st April, 2017)

A Statistical Quiz “STATIVATION” was held on 1st April, 2017. Prof. R. V. Patil was the quizmaster and Prof. Anjali Badar assisted him. Team A was the winner. The quiz had a very enthusiastic audience. On the whole STATIVATION was a grand success. Three teams consisting of one student each from B.Sc.I, B.Sc. II and B.Sc. III were formed in the month of March to participate in the Interclass quiz contest. They were asked to study the syllabus thoroughly. Teams formed were as follows –
The quiz consisted of 5 rounds namely- Multiple Choice Round, Clue Round, Distribution Round, Rapid Fire Round, Visual Round and Situation Round. The participation in the quiz helped students to prepare subject statistics thoroughly.

 Prize Distribution. (1st April, 2017)

Prizes are a constant source of enjoyment and reassurance for the participants of any sort of competition. Apart from this to keep the students responsive towards competitions it becomes important that the winners be felicitated at the appropriate time. With all these thoughts, it was necessary for the department to felicitate the efforts of the participants through prizes. To recognize the talent of the winning students and to inspire others to excel, a simple prize distribution ceremony was held on 1st April, 2017 in the seminar hall. The prizes were distributed at the hands of the H.o.D. R.V.Patil.