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Statistics Departmental Activites

 Industrial Visit (2016-17)

Industrial visit was organized for B.Sc. II & III year students of Statistics department to National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning an important organization working under Indian Council of Agricultural Research. Thirty students were selected for this industrial visit. The students were received by a team of senior scientists Dr. Nagraju, Dr. Tiwari and Dr. Patil. These senior scientists shared their vast experience of applications of statistical methods in different fields. They convinced students about the utility of statistical tools with the help of numerous examples. One such example shared by Senior Scientist Dr. Patil was, how India could overcome the problem of edible oil in late nineties.

 Guest Lecture (2016-17)

Dr. Dhananjay Raje, Head, Data Analysis Group, Bio-Analytics Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, was invited to deliver a guest lecture on applications of statistics. The guest lecture was jointly organized by Department of Statistics and Department of Biochemistry. Dr Raje addressed all the students of both the departments simultaneously. Dr. Raje highlighted the importance of collecting, compiling and organizing data for valid inference. The basic concepts in Statistics were shared with students keeping in view that bio-chemistry students did not have any background of Statistics. He asserted that, irrespective of field of work all individuals need to use and apply statistics in their work. Large part of his talk was based on applications of Statistics in clinical trials. He suggested students to pursue career in data analytics to become data scientist since there is a large demand for such jobs in multinationals. He concluded his talk by saying that knowledge of statistics is indispensable for working in any field of research.

 Certificate Course (2016-17)

A seven day certificate course was organized jointly by Department of Statistics and Department of Computer Science on ‘MS EXCEL software’ for the undergraduate students of science stream. In all 89 students were selected for this certificate course. This course was engaged by Dr. Pankaj Nimbalkar and Dr. Avinash Hedaoo. This course was organized because of large scale use of this software in almost all fields. The students were particularly given practice of handling mathematical and statistical functions.

 National Statistics Day (2015-16

The birthday of Dr. P. C. Mahalanobis which has been declared as National Statistics Day by Government of India was celebrated in Department of Statistics on 29th June, 2015. Dr. Mahalanobis was instrumental in starting the prestigious organization ‘Indian Statistical Institute.
An essay competition was organized as a part of National Statistics Day celebration. The topic of essay was Life of Dr. P.C. Mahalanobis. A documentary on the life of Dr. Mahalanobis and the growth of Indian Statistical Science, jointly produced by Indian Statistical Institute and Vigyan Prasar Presentation, titled THE TAMING OF CHANCE was played to the student community.

 Welcome Address and Orientation for Freshers (2015-16)

The Department of Statistics organized a welcome function for B.Sc.-I students. The activity was intended to motivate, encourage and energize the students for their academic and extracurricular endeavours in the department. The activity also aimed at improving the awareness of students regarding scope and career opportunities the subject Statistics has to offer.

 Certificate Course in Application of Tora Software (2015-16)

22nd to 25th September,2015
The curriculum for any subject is not adequate enough to fulfill the demand of different sectors which offer employment to university graduates. Keeping in view this fact our department organized a three day certificate course in “Application of Tora Software” for B.Sc. III students. This software has large applicability in operations research and certainly will increase employability value of our students. All the students of B.Sc. III successfully completed this certificate course.

 Industrial Visit to Mahindra & Mahindra (2015-16)

In accordance with tradition of Department of Statistics in our college, the B.Sc. II (second year) and III (final year) students were taken for an Industrial visit on 3rd October, 2015 to a world famous tractor manufacturing industry "Mahindra & Mahindra" to give the students a firsthand account of use of Statistics in Industrial organization.

 STAT-FEST (2015-16)

(18th, 20th April, 2016)
The Statistical Society organized a STAT-FEST. The objective behind organizing such activity is that the students must experience fun-filled learning while making preparations for such activities and enrich their knowledge of the subject in addition to other aspects such as personality development, communication skills, overcoming stage-fear, inculcating spirit of team-work etc.

 Problem Solving Competition- Statability (2015-16)

 Poster Competition (2015-16)

 Project Presentation Competition (2015-16)

 Statistical Quiz. STATIVATION (2015-16)