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Research Cell


A Research Cell was constituted in the college in the year 2010. The research cell is active in addressing all aspects of research in the institute from the point of motivating and inspiring freshers to conduct and take up research work and to monitor the completion of research projects of the faculty members of the college. The Research Cell is constituted on democratic and experience based parameters to give representation to all faculties in the college.

The Research cell of Dr. Ambedkar College was constituted with the primary aim to address and moderate the academic research related activities of staff and students and to raise the quality of research at the institutional level. The cell is responsible for the administration of research designed, curate the academic research proposals, educate the faculty and students about various research funding opportunities and oversee the progress of research activities at the institutional level. The institute offers Ph.D program in the subjects Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Law, and the doctoral research proposals are also analysed for assessing research quality by the research cell. The research cell also works in line with the policies laid down by the MHRD, the Government of India. Considering the same, the academic research objectives have been modified to inculcate innovative research attributes in the programs conducted by the institute. Students and faculty members are encouraged and trained to perform research leading to patentable innovations. Innovative product based research ideas of the students are incubated at the institute level under “The Institutional Innovation Council’s DACN-Incubation Centre” with allotment of a dedicated mentor for each idea and the decision is done in consonance with the research cell. Separate proposals for business start-up ideas are called for their incubation at the Dr. Ambedkar College which are scrutinized by the research cell members and after judgement of the quality of the idea it is further passed on to the institution’s incubation centre.