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Mentoring Cell


The College has a well defined structure for mentoring of its students. Teachers in the college are not just the strong academic pillars of the institution but they also act as their facilitators, mentors and guides to help them cope with the increasing pressures and demands of the present day competitive world. Hence the teachers are ever ready to extend a hand of help to the students to guide them.Towards meeting this end, they create opportunities for a one-on-one interaction with the students to be able to learn more about their academic progression, to appreciate and resolve difficulties, if any, that they may encounter; to learn about their career goals and guide them to chart more realistic plans towards achieving them; to learn about their personal hobbies and encouraging them to groom them for a better quality of life and many others. Through informal personal interactions with students the teachers impress on their minds the vitality of cultivating good character and integrity for becoming good human beings, apart from convincing them to inculcate the soft skills for becoming successful professionals. When students enter the college in the first semester, the permanent teachers are allotted as mentors for these students, who continue to mentor them for bettering their personal and professional lives, for all their years on the campus. These personal mentoring sessions have not just proved effective in terms of guiding the students and helping them stay on track but are also immensely instrumental in strengthening the student-teacher bonds. Students are able to repose trust and faith in their teachers, who become second parents to them and often help them share even their very personal and intimate problems with the teachers. The Mentoring cell thus, does a phenomenal job towards making DACN a “family” for the teachers and students, in the real sense of the term.