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Law Vision – An Academic And Cultural Extravaganza

“Law Vision” - is a major national level event that is eagerly awaited by the students’ community from law schools and law colleges across the country. The department of law has been the proud host of this mega event since the past 10 years. The idea of starting an event like this was born in an informal chit-chat of the students and teachers of the department. Soon the idea translated into a dream and the dream became a reality with the concerted efforts and planning of the students of law. An activity of the students, by the students and for the students, today ‘Law Vision’ is a major attraction for the legal fraternity in and outside Nagpur. Starting from a Vidarbha level event, it has eloquently grown into a national level extravaganza that attracts the best legal talent from all corners of this gigantic country. In the month of February/March every year since 2006, the department has successfully been hosting this academic and cultural extravaganza in which eager students from law colleges, including national law schools participate. The event is the finest amalgam of academic competitions, cultural events and sports tournaments that endeavours to sharpen the academic and professional acumen of students, while at the same time grooming their cultural talent and testing their sporting skills. A major attraction of this event is a GUEST LECTURE BY AN OUTSTANDING LEGAL LUMINARY on topics of contemporary legal significance. Hon’ble Mr Justice V S Sirpurkar, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Justice Uday U Lalit, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Justice C S Dharmadhikari, Former Chief Justice, Bombay High Court, Adv Shrihari Aney, Learned Senior Counsel, have been few, among the many speakers to deliver lectures at this law festival. Every year these lectures attract a large crowd from the Bar and the Bench apart from students from different law colleges in and around Nagpur. These lectures trigger a spirit of inquiry in young inquisitive minds.

MOOT COURTS are the hallmark of this national level event. The problem for moots is very meticulously chosen and the students are tested on their drafting skills, the legal elegance in their arguments, quality of research, display of court mannerisms etc. The Moot court halls of the department get converted into court rooms where fierce court battles are fought. Senior lawyers from the Nagpur High Court act as judges in the preliminary and semi-final rounds and the final round of the competition is judged by sitting judges of the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court. Moot court competitions groom these budding lawyers and make them fully equipped to face the court after acquiring their degree of law.

LAW QUIZ – is an engaging event and a crowd puller at Law Vision. It tests the presence of mind, depth of legal knowledge and spontaneity of the law students. Interesting framework of innovative rounds and breath-taking tough competition keeps the audience glued to their chairs at this Quiz hour.

CASE-COMMENTS – is a competition that cultivates the culture of judgment reading. It makes a careful study of original judgments of the court a compulsive necessity. Thus this event exposes the minds of the students to the complex thread of arguments advanced before the courts and trains them in the art of finding the ratio, of analyzing the judgment and of presenting their critical appraisal of it. This training is of million dollars value in a lawyer’s craft.

CLIENT COUNSELLING – While we take care to sharpen the legal acumen of students and develop their understanding of law and jurisprudence, we also attempt to develop the art of counselling amongst the budding lawyers. Hence in this competition the students are judged on their ability to counsel their clients as future lawyers and on the correctness of legal advice tendered. Thus this activity at Law Vision caters to the need of making future lawyers aware of the importance of defining the lawyer-client relationship. It also trains them in the skill of seeking instructions from the client.

ESSAY WRITING – is a competition that enhances the ability of thinking and expression on some contemporary legal topic. Original thought is encouraged and presentation of it in brevity of words cultivates a cardinal virtue of imperishable vitality in the legal profession.

DRAFTING COMPETITION – prepares students of law to excel in drafting skills which are non-negotiable for successful lawyering. Students are made to draft notices, plaints, petitions etc on the basis of problems given to them and are then judged on their adherence to prescribed norms of drafting, the accurateness in mentioning the relevant facts and law and the language used.

PANEL DISCUSSION – brings together different panellists representing different points of view on some controversial socio-legal topic and helps in triggering a lively, participative discussion on the same. This is also a much appreciated activity at Law Vision and helps in the confluence of diverse thoughts and perspectives on a topic at the same platform. The interactive nature of this activity affords participative parity to the huge gathering of students to express their point of view on some subject.

PERSONALITY CONTEST – caters to the much needed requirement of grooming the personalities of the present generation to help them grow with elegance and sophistry. At Law Vision this contest does not lose its essential legal touch since the different rounds in this activity are carefully crafted to include legal as well as non-legal questions. Over-all grooming of personality is inescapable in today’s competitive market. This contest realizes this inescapable necessity of the present day.

POSTER COMPETITION – involves the artistic calibre of students of law that seeks to paint in colours the dull conglomeration of Articles and Sections in statute books. Some legal theme is offered on which posters are prepared by students and the yardstick for judging is the artistic and informative value of the posters.

LAWMANS CRICKET – This is another event at Law Vision that lawyers very eagerly look forward to. The department organizes cricket tournaments on its sprawling playground, between law students of different colleges as also many teams of lawyers from the District court and the High Court. It provides a unique opportunity for law students to have a fun-filled, informal interaction with their peers and with lawyers, while at the same time, testing their sporting skills. Over the years, this tournament has served as a refreshing change to rejuvenate lawyers and young students of law.

CULTURAL SHOW -An all-time crowd puller, the cultural extravaganza at Law Vision adds vibrant colourful moments in the otherwise black and white colour of law. Students of law are seen tapping their feet on stage in elegant dance forms, singing melodious tunes that never fail to echo, and acting and mimicry skills that leave the audience mesmerized. This cultural show almost always marks the grand finale of Law Vision. This mega event is a self-sponsored event hosted by the students in which they take efforts for collecting sponsorships, drawing budgets, making all the planning and preparation, inviting guests, looking after publicity of the event, inviting participation from colleges, making all arrangements for accommodation and meals of the participating members and guests as also working on all the other logistics for successful hosting of the show. Thus apart from grooming the legal skills of students this event also helps to cultivate leadership qualities and develop organizational qualities in them. We welcome you and look forward to seeing you as a part of this event in near future!