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LLM (Choise Based Semester System)

There are three specialization groups

  • Group B - Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  • Group D - Business Law
  • Group G - Criminal Law

In LL.M Course (choice based credit system), there are SEVEN specialization groups, out of which one group has to be opted by the student at the time of admission. They are:

  1. Group B - Constitutional Law and Administrative Law
  2. Group D - Business Law
  3. Group G - Criminal Law

In each of the group 25 students will be admitted on merit. Each student taking admission to the LL.M course has to study SIX compulsory courses irrespective of the specialization which he/she has chosen.

Out of the SIX compulsory courses, two compulsory courses will be there in the first semester, two compulsory courses will be there in second semester, one compulsory course in third semester and one compulsory course in the fourth semester. Further in each group of specialization, there are SIX optional core courses representing specializations offered and which are required to be studied for that specializations.

APART from the compulsory and the optional core course papers, the students have to select and study one ELECTIVE paper in third and fourth semester each to be selected from the list of electives provided for each semester.

Therefore, any student pursuing LL.M CBCS course will have to study SIX COMPULSORY courses, SIX OPTIONAL CORE courses and TWO elective courses.

The candidates will have to prosecute regular full time course of study. For every theory paper/course the total marks will be 100 out of which 20 marks are for internal assessment and 80 marks are for university theory examination.

In order to be successful at the examination and to be eligible for the Degree of Master of Laws, an examinee shall obtain a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and obtain 50% marks in aggregate to be declared successful. However the passing marks in each subject will be calculated by combining the marks scored in the internal assessment and the university theory examination for the concerned subject. (i.e. to say Passing Marks = University theory + internal assessment = 40%).

For being eligible for exemption in a paper, a candidate should obtain minimum 50% of marks in that paper Theory papers and practical examination are independent passing heads.

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