Param Poojya Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smarak Samiti's

Dr. Ambedkar College

Deeksha Bhoomi, Nagpur


: 0712-3298042, 0712-2022457

Director Speaks

Welcome aboard!
I take pleasure in navigating you to one of the finest educational institutions in Central India. All of you, young friends, are standing at a very crucial turning point in your lives, when choosing the right college will indeed be a life changing decision. Friends, in the turbulence of the storms of life, one needs a firm anchorage to stand upright and mighty against storm-lashed waters. The ocean will never change its currents and so you must master the rules of navigation. I'm glad that you've stepped foot on safe harbours as this institution assures to equip you with the strength to withstand the winds and brave the force of the mighty waves of life.

DACN rests on certain enduring principles that percolate from the teachings of Gautam Buddha and Dr. Ambedkar. We believe in identifying and cultivating the intellect and talent of every single student who comes to us. The institution fosters the idea of holistic education where merit, competence and ability find a unique blend with character, integrity and social sensitivities. Such education alone, we trust, makes a sound investment in human capital. Also, DACN has re-defined education today, in which there is a unique confluence of both, affordability and quality. An outstanding future awaits you ahead and at DACN we will guide your footsteps to that illuminating path.

Friends, the teachers at DACN represent the golden thread that runs through the fabric of this institution. They would unsparingly dedicate themselves to triggering that intellectual spark in you and equipping you to take charge of your own futures. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and diverse fields and whatever ambition you may have, we will help you realize it. I therefore urge you to think of DACN as a place of your own and to place full trust and faith in us. Come forth friends, and dive into the unfathomable ocean of opportunities and explore the wealth beneath!

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