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Department of Mathematics

 Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the oldest learned disciplines, and continues to be a vital and developing topic of research. It is the basis for understanding much of the physical world. Mathematics graduates are very much in demand in teaching, the business world, and the computing professions.

The Department of Mathematics was established in the year 1969 with the introduction of the Undergraduate Course in Mathematics. The Department of Mathematics strives to maintain high standards of teaching Mathematics in various branches of B.Sc. and to prepare students for leading roles in education, science, business, industry, and other careers. The faculty gives utmost care to bridge the curriculum and the modern needs. The Department of Mathematics guarantees the thoroughness of the scholarly program and the personnel endeavor perpetually, to work creative energy and learning with inventiveness and development. The endeavor is to instill the educating learning process with the affectability that accommodates magnificence with humankind, an inculcation that can break free of talk, smash myths and protect creative abilities and instinct, utilizing them as assets to consider and start change. The Department of Mathematics makes an empowering situation for the scholarly development of its undergraduate students.

The Department of Mathematics has two regular faculties and offers graduate studies in six different combinations as PCM, PEM, PSM, PCOM, ECOM and SCOM. Due to this the student gets to choose the subject of his/her interest. The department conducts various activities throughout the year for the benefit of the students. The department conducts Quiz, Brain Activity, Chart and Model making, Class seminars and Power point presentations. The department of mathematics makes study interesting by the use of modern ICT technology. The department also cares for the students of other streams non Mathematics background students by conducting special certificate courses to remove the fear of Mathematics and improve their understanding and calculation skills in Mathematics which helps them to compete successfully in various competitive examinations.


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